17 Hilarious Questions People Ask About Dubai & the UAE


17 Hilarious Questions People Ask About Dubai & the UAE

Following my recent article about the Dubai cliches too many people still believe, I had a lot of hilarious feedback from the Dubai French community on Facebook, quoting questions they have been asked by people back home.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for the laugh, and I thought it would be nice to share!

Living in Dubai brings its lot of cliches, stereotypes and preconceived ideas from friends, family or acquaintances. Some are legitimate, some are exaggerated and became really funny for us expats. Here is a selection of cliches I did not include in the first articles, followed by our own comments.

17 Hilarious Questions People Ask About Dubai & the UAE
17 Hilarious Questions People Ask About Dubai & the UAE

“Don’t you have a lot of problems in the Middle East, with everything that’s happening around” Danie - We live in bunkers and each owe a AK 47, so you know, we get around. 

“I heard expats have their passport confiscated and can never get out!”  Jerome - Let's say, not all of them. 

“Dubai is ruined, everything is falling apart..”Jerome - Sinking, eh a bit. Falling, nope. Building, YES. 

“Westerners are leaving the country and leave all their cars abandoned in parkings!” Jerome - Yes, and their wives too!

“People that live there HAVE to be rich. “ Danie - You would be surprised. 

“I heard customes have homosexuality detectors” Jerome -So the GAYDAR does exist!!! 

“But… Can you drive??” Audrey - Only camels. Duh.

“So.. are you OK? I mean, isn’t life hard for you there?” Celine - Life is Awful my friend. Ya know, too many pool days, desert outings and fun all around... 

“Is there a rule about the length of your t shirt?” Louise - Yes, 13,45 cm to be exact. How many inches? Get lost. 

“Is it safe because everyone is rich anyway?” Louise - It is safe, some people are rich. Fact, not a cause-consequence link. 

“Can you go out with your husband? What about going to the restaurant, how do you do it?” Audrey - Sitting at different tables, chatting on WhatsApp, the usual stuff. 

“Is it not too dangerous, you know, terrorists attacks and all?” Solveig - Name ONE terrorist attack that happened in the UAE. ONE.

“How is it going in Arabia?” Nej - ARABIA? This is not EVEN a country! 

“Be careful, with all the kidnappings happening…” Mo - Oh yeah, kidnappings happen daily. You get used to it! 

“You must meet a lot of PSG players there!” Paul - Context: PSG is the Parisian football club, owned by Qatar. Still, nope! 

“No woman, no drive”Jerome - There was a song... 


Dubai is NOT the entire Middle East.

Dubai is not Syria or Saudi Arabia.Women are free and are NOT dependent on their husbands/dads/brothers. In fact, Dubai has been awarded #1 country in the Arab region for Women Empowerment. Win!

Dubai is NOT dangerous.


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