WATCH: Traveling 18,572km In 48 Hours To See Family


Traveling 18,572km In 48 Hours To See Family

Holiday travel is always stressful. The airports are filled, people are tense and everyone dreads stepping foot on an airplane.

But Jeff just did something more idiotic than them all.

When you live in Dubai and your parents live in Ecuador you don't have much choice but to make the grueling journey. Could your parents not have moved to a remote city 8,000ft in the Andes mountains? Sure, but they didn't. Could we have met somewhere halfway? Sure, but I wanted to see their new life in Ecuador and experience the country they have fallen in love with, so I took a deep breath and booked my tickets.

I had to book 3 separate round trip flights with stops in New York City, Panama City, Quito and Guayaquil before landing in the history town of Cuenca. Over a seemingly endless 48 hours I spent 13 hours in NYC, ran around Panama City in the middle of the night and completely blacked out and lost my mind in Quito.

7 airports, 5 flights, 3 continents to get to my mother's holiday concert in time. Although I was hallucinating quite literally when I arrived, hearing familiar Christmas carols in a beautiful old church made it all worth it to be with family for Christmas.

Take 4 minutes and watch the video below, I promise you'll be amused.