Ultimate 2019 Adventure Travel Summer Bucket List

Ultimate 2019 Adventure Travel SummerBucket List

Summer 2019 is right around the corner and we have all the answers you need to not mess up the little amount of free time you have off. Whether you are looking for an epic adventure or something to do around your city, here is a quick list to give you some ideas. We've got a ton of adventures planned and we'll be posting videos, pictures and blogging all about them so send us your pictures and let's meet along the way!

So let's get to it...

1. Visit Istanbul

It might sound expensive but it is actually an insanely cheap visit this summer. Nestled right between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and all of Europe. While it might not be on the top of your list, it should be. The city not only has a perfect mix of Muslim culture paired with the feel of Europe, the summers are not too hot, a cool breeze comes off the water and there is plenty to do.

You'll want to get lost in the gold souk for hours, visit the world famous Blue Mosque and spend your evenings sitting on the water eating delicious meats and drinking wine. But watch out for the Reni Yaki, the most awful alcohol on planet Earth - I'm not going to say anything more, but try it for yourself and get back to us.

Istanbul has been named one of the cheapest places to fly this summer so don't miss out.

2. Go to an American Baseball Game

Besides apple pie and gun violence, what is more classic than watching an American baseball game in the summer! As long as you are in a big city anywhere in the US between April and October, it'll be easy as pie (see what I did there?) to find a stadium and buy cheap seats - sometimes as low as $5.

Grab some friends, makes some new ones and head to the ballpark. The food will be gross and the beer expensive (and gross) but it'll sure be fun!

What are the Best American Cities for Baseball? We’re biased, but Baltimore, Washington, DC, Boston, New York, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles would be a great start!

Watching Jeff’s hometown Washington Nationals win on a bottom of the 9th grand slam home run by Bryce Harper!

Watching Jeff’s hometown Washington Nationals win on a bottom of the 9th grand slam home run by Bryce Harper!

3. Dance at the Sziget Music Festival in Budapest

Didn't think there would be an amazing music festival in Hungary this summer did you? Trust us, after you add it to your summer travel bucket list you'll be thankful we told you about it. Budapest is hands down one of the most underrated cities in all if Europe and high on our list to visit this summer too.

The city is clean, beautiful, green and full of charm. It feels amazingly European and is way cheaper than other bigger cities. Pair that with the amazing lineup at Sziget Fest Budapest like Ed Sheeren, the Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, Post Malone and you've got one hell of a weekend! Ok, you can take a dinner break during Post Malone.

The festival runs from the 7-13 of August and tickets can be bought tickets to Sziget Music Festival.

4. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru

If you've got a bit more of a sense of adventure, jump on a plane and fly down to Cuzco, Peru to start an amazing journey into the vast green wilderness of Peru. One of the most mystical places on Earth, not only is Cuzco one of the coolest little towns in the world, but it is the gateway to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, which you should not miss if you are anywhere close and have a healthy sense of adventure.

Machu Picchu is one of the most recognisable places on Earth, but so many people just jump on the bus with all the other tourists and bus it to the top in about 20 minutes, squished by fat Americans and smelly French people on all sides, missing out on one of the most amazing hikes on Earth. Do your legs a favour, wake up at 3am and walk the 1,300+ stairs to the entrance like a real adventurer!

Take your time, plan your trip, lace up those hiking shoes and turn off your phone for the adventure of a lifetime. Find yourself with a couple extra days in Cusco? Check out our “Guide to 48 Hours in Cusco” and let us know how we can help you plan your trip!

Ultimate 2015 Summer Travel Bucket List_03

Ultimate 2015 Summer Travel Bucket List_03

5. Plan a Staycation

Ok, we hear you saying it already. "But guys, I'm soooo poor and can't afford to travel." While we both agree that is total and utterly untrue, if you want to be lame and not travel this summer feel free. But if you are going to stay close to home, please at least plan a staycation. Find the nicest hotel in the city you live in and book yourself a room for the weekend, it’ll give you a new perspective on the city you call home and be a ton of fun.

Check in on a Friday afternoon, throw down your bags, jump in the pool and grab a drink. No one will know you are 5 minutes from home and they'll treat you like tourists. Resist the temptation to run home and grab that book you forgot or to check that work email sent from 2 miles away - you are on vacation!

For extra fun, tell the hotel staff you are going to propose to that special someone coming with you and you'll probably get some strawberries and a bottle of champagne out of it. See, not that bad huh?

Most cities will have special summer rates, sometimes even just for residents or offer some great deals combining food, drinks, specials, shows, health and wellness offerings and a whole lot more. What do you have to lose?

Ultimate 2019 Adventure Travel Summer Bucket List

Ultimate 2019 Adventure Travel Summer Bucket List

7. Don't Miss Restaurant Day in Helsinki

Don't know what restaurant day is? Way to be missing out! Finland is easily one of the coolest countries on Earth so it is no surprise to us that they have "Restaurant Day Finland", roughly every 3 months throughout the year - a concept which is simply perfect.

Every city has their little restaurant week where certain places offer discounts or a collection of food trucks come together to offer sample items, but Finland takes it a step further.

Finland's Restaurant Day is a day when anyone, ANYONE can be a restaurant. The streets, front yards, parks and even peoples homes are filled with average people selling food straight from their kitchens, homemade to anyone who wants it. Huge ethnic populations make famous dishes from their homelands, amateur chefs show off their skills and high end restaurants even get in on the action.

How cool is that? Finally you'll be able to try that Thai hairdressers Pad Thai after walking from your neighbours kitchen where you tried their grandmother’s liver pate.

The summer 2019 Restaurant Days in Helsinki this summer are on Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, August 18th. Be there!

Ultimate 2019 Summer Adventure Bucket List_02.jpg

So, whatever you decide to do this summer at least make a little bucket list. Plan yourself a little trip whether to the other side of the world or across the street. Have some fun, let loose, eat what you want and forget about your email. And make sure to tag along with us, we have some epic adventures planned so let's meet along the way.