[WATCH] 8 Water Sports in Dubai you Have to Try this Winter


When someone says "winter in Dubai" they really mean… "beach days, boat parties, and water sports, yay!"

Because we all enjoy winter way more than summer in the UAE, we all look forward to October - November, when the weather cools down and the water sports in Dubai season begins again!

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As weird as it might sound, our winter activities include boat parties, camping trips and other outside fun activities in the sandpit.

Jeff and I absolutely love water sports - and we are terrible at them - so we decided to put together our favourite selection of Dubai water sports to enjoy both the beautiful weather and the insane skyline our favourite crazy city has to offer.

  • 1. Jet Skiing
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter

Unlike most jet skiing companies offering a half hour jet ski for an outrageous price and the freedom to go only a few hundred meters, we opted for the all out Dubai jet ski tour with Ride in Dubai. The small group, experienced (and FRENCH!) guide and great quality jet skis surely made for some great fun. We recommend the guided visit with small random facts about Dubai's iconic places, as it definitely adds some value to an otherwise quite useless "tour".  

You will see the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina and its beautiful skyline, HH sheikh Island and its huge yacht, Burj Al Arab and back.

You will see things you can’t imagine from the shore, such as the Prince’s yacht and a private island you will be VERY tempted to put foot on - this is an absolute MUST when it comes to water sports in Dubai this winter. 

  • How much: AED 840 per jet ski for a Palm Jumeirah tour (90min) - Possibility to be 2 by jet ski!
  • Where: Umm Suqeim 1 Fishing Harbor MAP: http://bit.ly/1NU4TVt
  • Telephone: 052 714 2600
  • Website: http://rideindubai.com/
  • 2. Wakeboarding

Because wakeboarding just sounds and looks so cool, I always wanted to try it and what better place to give it a go than Dubai.

Once you get started, you literally can’t stop until your legs won't carry you anymore.

What a feeling! Not to mention killer legs, arms, and core workout.

Available in Dubai Marina and Ghantoot, we chose to try it out in Ghantoot, a bit further down near Abu Dhabi, but the calm & beautiful location is definitely worth the extra 20 minutes drive.

You have the possibility to rent a boat for 3/4 people for an hour at AED 550 which will give you about 15 to 20 intense minutes each of wakeboard - trust me, you won’t feel your legs after that!

  • 3. Seabreacher
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter

The Water Adventures Seabreacher is such a Dubai-only type of thing. I mean, we are talking about getting underwater in a SHARK shaped two seater semi submersible watercraft!

Plus, according to the official website, “Unlike conventional watercrafts that only operate on a two dimensional plane, the Seabreacher operates more like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw. This allows the vessel to carve left and right, jump over, dive under, and cut through the waves. Our latest model is even capable of 360 degree barrel rolls on the water!”

When it comes to water sports in Dubai, this is truly unique, not only here but around the world!

How cool is that?

  • How much: AED 600 for 15 min - AED 960 for 30 min
  • Where: JBR, Rixos the Palm or Kempinski
  • Telephone: + 971 4 453 7544
  • Website: http://www.wateradventure.ae/
  • 4. Flyboarding

Flyboarding for us was kind of impossible. I am definitely the worst person when it comes to balance and Jeff had no trust in himself getting out of the water.

We however managed to not only get out, but also properly fly over the water for a bit! It sure takes a little adaptation but thanks to the Ride in Dubai team, we managed to do it and have a great time. Plus, kick-ass photos!

  • 5. Kitesurfing
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter

Dubai is known for its beautiful Kite Beach and colorful Kite Festival event.

So why not go all out and try Kite Surfing? We suggest to take some lessons with DuKite qualified instructors as this is a significantly harder sport, however what a feeling it must be to literally fly over the sea while watching the gorgeous skyline over Jumeirah Dubai!

  • Website: http://www.dukite.ae/
  • Telephone: +971 50 758 6992
  • Where: DUKITE. Dubai 6 31A St - Dubai - Check the map
  • How much: An hour kitesurfing lesson, AED 350
  • 6. Diving with Sharks
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter

Of course you can dive with sharks, this is Dubai! At the Atlantis, you can put on a helmet that will make you feel insanely cool, before going on a “shark safari” and calmly swimming around and feeding the sharks. Way more badass than swimming with dolphins or rays, the sharks make for an unforgettable experience and a cool story to tell!

  • 7. White Water Rafting
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter

A 2 hour drive away from Dubai to Al Ain, Wadi Adventure might sound like a kids’ waterpark - It is NOT. When you think of water sports in Dubai we're sure whitewater rafting doesn't come to mind, but it totally should, its amazing!

Right next to the beautiful Jebel Hafeet, the park offers plenty of cool activities, such as zip line, falling big swing and the Middle East first man-made white water rafting river. Make sure you bring a team of friends and enjoy the race!

  • How Much: AED 100 for 90 min session . Standard entrance to the park is AED 50. 
  • Where: Follow the E22 from Abu Dhabi city towards Al Ain. As you enter Al Ain, turn right at the 2nd roundabout. Continue to the 6th roundabout where Ain Al Fayda appears on your right. At this roundabout, turn left onto the driveway of Wadi Adventure. MAP: http://bit.ly/1j1JLj3
  • Telephone: +971 3 781 8422
  • Website:www.wadiadventure.ae
  • 8. SUP
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter
[VIDEO] 8 Dubai Watersports you Have to Try this Winter

Stand Up Paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water activities in Dubai, for the light enjoyable workout, the tanning possibilities and the freedom to admire the beautiful views of Dubai from the sea.

Many places offerStand Up Paddle boarding, but we would suggest to go with Riva Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah, and paddle your way around the Burj Al Arab.



Don’t forget to put sunscreen on before any water sports in Dubai as the UAE sun can be pretty strong and sneak up on you quick!

Any other water activities you enjoy doing in the UAE? Let us know below!