Why You Have to Solo Travel (At Least) Once in Your Life


Why You Have to Solo Travel (At Least) Once in Your Life

You know how you always sit back, relax and remember the amazing memories you made while staying with that hillside tribe in Vietnam or the time you got lost in Peru and were taken in by mobsters who showed you the time of your life and treated you like family?

No? That's because you haven't traveled solo you dumbass!

Solo travel is, simply put, one of the best experiences you can have, no questions asked. When you set off down the open road, alone, scared and excited, endless possibilities lay before you. First of all, you have no one to answer to! Want to take a shit with the door open for 2 hours? Go for it. Want to order an appetizer AND desert? Fuck you mom! On the other hand, you have no friends, but we'll remedy that in a minute.

Without plans or your loser girlfriend to drag you down you can open yourself up to the limitless possibilities the open road provides. Want to follow those cute twins taking the train from Madrid to Rome? Go for it man! (but please ask first). Solo travel forces you to interact with the world in a way you probably haven't had to in awhile and it reminds you what humanity is all about.

No more relying on others to help you out of a sticky situation, no more forcing your friends to do all the talking. Sure, you'll find yourself in some extremely awkward conversations but thats what puts hair on your balls and turns you into a man (you too ladies but who cares, you're in that hotel room alone anyway). Ask me about the time a Thai woman gave me menstruation pills for a headache sometime.

The world will always teach you the lessons you most need to learn, no matter how cleverly they are disguised. No more gliding by, avoiding what makes you uncomfortable and coming back from a family trip to Mexico as a "changed" person when in reality you never left the resort and consider the time a guy whistled to you on the street and called you "mamacita" as the most cultural experience of the trip.

Plan it out, set out alone, make it a point to put yourself in situations that make you squirm, you'll be happy you did. Go to hostels to make friends, it rarely takes more than a couple drinks before you end up meeting people you'll never forget who you'll go on amazing adventures with you'll never remember (if you do it right.)

Traveling with friends is great, significant others is even better and we all need those in our lives to relive memories with down the road, but don't forget to carve out a time in your life to make some memories for just yourself, after all at the end of the day all you have is your memories anyway, better make them exciting.