WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know


WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

There are numerous insane, stupid and pathetic reasons you aren't out traveling right now, but the fear of getting sick on the road better not be one of them.

If so, we're about to tell you why you're wrong, so grab a pen and paper and prepare to eat your words.

Can you get sick while traveling? Of course you can. But you can also get abducted by Philippino militant forces, blown up in a road side bomb or attacked by a spider the size of your TV - but none of those things are going to FU&@^#% happen now are they? And neither will getting sick if you follow our top 6 travel health tips.

First of all let's get the boring part out of the way. Our bodies are all used to the different and varied environments we live in and since the vast majority of you nerds never leave the 5 mile radius around your house and office, for the rest of us brave enough to actually see the amazing world around us, our bodies need to get used to other environments, and here is how.

1. It Starts on the Plane

No matter where you live in the world or where you're going, you HAVE to do all you can to be healthy before you step foot on that airplane, or as it is more commonly known, a "giant metal fart box". An airplane is a scientists wet dream, if their dream is trying to see just how fast someone in 4B can give someone in 31A the measles. (Answer? 5 1/2 minutes)

In the days leading up to a flight, no matter how short, drink all the water you can. Boost your intake of vitamins, eat that kale smoothy that makes you gag and all the citrus you can handle. It doesn't matter if you are going from DC to NYC on a 45 minute flight, if you happen to sit next to a sick baby or (god forbid) an old person, chances are you'll pick up whatever bucket of yuck they're stewing in and who wants that?

Protect yo' self!

WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know
WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

2. Drink, Drink, Drink

When it comes to travel health tips this one is the most simple, but might be the most important. We're going to guess the majority of you worthless losers spend 40 hours sitting behind a desk stalking Justin Beiber and watching cat memes. Stings a bit huh - but you know what else? You're probably drinking a lot of water throughout the day, on account of how many times you go to the water cooler in hopes of spotting Debra at her desk. (Why do you even like Debra anyway, she suuuuuucks!)

Regardless of how much your office life sucks, you're probably hydrated enough to make it to the next day, but most people totally forget to drink water the second they head to the airport. Not only does traveling take it out of you, but you'll be spending more energy than in your normal life and the air travel dehydrates you more than almost anything on Earth.

If you stop drinking water before and during a trip, you'll be more likely to get sick, headaches will leave you wishing for the sweet angel of death and you'll never fully appreciate that shitty all inclusive Bahamas tour package you thought was a good idea to book instead of grabbing your balls and just playing it by ear like a real traveler.

WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know
WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

3. Hand Sanitizer

Available in every single travel section of any pharmacy, this one is a life saver. Now, normally sterilizing everything in sight isn't a good idea, but do you know how gross the entire planet is? Anywhere there are people there are germs, and if you've traveling, chances are those germs are not from where your germs are from, and they'll fight - resulting in your butt falling out at the worst time. (Excuse me girlfriends mother, how long is this opera again?)

Don't over do it, but people are gross. What is the most germ infested place on an airplane? Nope, not the bathroom. Its the tray table, and think about how much you touch that thing before and after you eat? On a busy city bus in Egypt? How about that filthy taxi in Istanbul? Do your tummy a favor and give it a break.

And if you are an absolutely disgusting human being like I am and bite your finger nails, you might as well just start licking the bottom of people's shoes and skip the wait.

WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know
WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

4. Eat Yogurt Like Its Your Job

This is a personal favorite travel health tip I've just picked up over the years. Yogurt has all the good bacterias in it that your body needs, and no matter where I go on Earth, 99% of corner stores have some type of yogurt. Obviously the less sugar the better, but whatever kind you can get (If you are in Thailand and don't eat a coconut yogurt for me, go f&@^ yourself) will help.

This coats your stomach with all the good bacteria to fight the all that weird bacteria swimming around in there after eating that "kabob" in Capetown.

Other natural remedies and supplements include ginger root and grapefruit seed extract. All of these act as natural aids to help keep your body in tip top shape, allowing you to enjoy your travels without having to inject your body full of chemicals just to enjoy a week in Asia.

WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know
WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

5. Walk Everywhere

Its easy to get tired when traveling, we get it, travel is exhausting, but that doesn't mean you should get lazy. The best part of traveling to a place you've never been is to get lost, plain and simple. On our recent Europe/US trip, Anne and I walked an average of 10km a day - and we didn't even notice it.

You sit on your lazy ass in front of the tv every single day at home, so don't do it on vacation as well. Grab your friends (if you don't have any, go to a hostel and make some), and get lost.

We recently got lost in Oslo and one of the greatest travel days imaginable, finding place and meeting people we normally never would have, and all without a shitty tourist map or predetermined locations.

And guess what? If you're on a time change you'll sleep better, if you have an upcoming flight there is a chance you'll even sleep on it and most importantly, your body will thank you.

WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know
WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

While in Boston, where we recorded this video, we stayed at the beautiful Hotel Marlowe, in Cambridge. One reason we picked it? They offer a ton of active options for families, couples and business travelers. Kimpton has done an amazing job providing guests with options they never thought available from a hotel.

Hotel Marlowe offers free bicycles to guests, kayaks to take down the gorgeous Charles River and even an early morning run weekly with the hotel manager? I mean seriously, what kind of other hotel does this?

No wonder Conde Nast Traveler just named them one of the "25 Best Hotels in new England"

6. Shut off the AC

This is mostly for our friends brave enough to venture further then 10 miles from home who might end up somewhere super warm like South East Asia, India or Africa.

If you come from a fairly temperate climate, you're probably terrified of the heat in places like Dubai and Bangkok - and we totally understand. While this should never stop you from traveling, it is a shock to any traveler. The heat in Dubai, where we live, is quite intense for about 4 months a year (yes, the other 8 are PERFECT), if you come from May to September you'll be sweating buckets before you leave baggage claim - and the same is true for Bangkok and many other cities.

And can you blame your body? Your first reaction will be to jump in a cab or hotel lobby and bask in the sweet, sweet air conditioning that surrounds you, but this isn't always the best idea.

WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know
WATCH: Our Top 6 Travel Health Tips You Need to Know

The human body is an amazing machine, and given time it can adjust to pretty much anything, but if you keep going from hot as hell to cold as ice, it'll give up, scream "I'm done!" and let you parish. While the AC feels like a gift from heaven, limit it for the love of God, or else you're bound to get sick.

And after following all the rules we have just laid out, and the thousands of miles you've traveled, don't mess it all up now just to be "comfy" - you pussy.

Most rooms have a fan, so use that. Or change the temp on the AC from "could freeze an embryo" to "comfortably numb", the change in a couple degrees could make the difference of a lifetime. Ever been to Italy and been too stuffy to smell the pizza or taste the wine? There is nothing worse.

So there you have it, don't mess this up guys, these are very simple rules, practically free and worth every second. In the world of travel health tips we've tried them all and we promise these work.

And one last tip, don't black out drunk every night. After all you've put your body through, and all the ways you are trying to help it out, don't poison it. Unless of course you are at the Full Moon Party, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Queen's Day, its the 4th of July, its your birthday, a friends birthday, you're seeing an old friend, its a weekend, you're in Spain, its sunny out or a Tuesday, then by all means get wasted.