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Mount Everest Base Camp Hike 2019: 12 Days, 130km, 5,380m (Complete Guide)

Everest base camp in 12 days? challenge accepted!

Since we went to Nepal for the first time, Jeff, our friend Jess and I always dreamed of going back and doing the famous Everest base camp trek. We decided to do it at the end of Jeff and I’s 6 months around the world travels, to finish on the best note possible!

The three of us did this trek on our own, with decent physical condition and it was our decision to go without porters or guides, after a lot of research and preparation of our itinerary. It’s very important to be prepared and informed, and we do recommend a guide if you are going in the busy season (February through May). We went in late November-beginning of December, so we didn’t need to book any lodges ahead, and the trails were almost empty - however, it was cold! 

Here is everything you need to know about the trek to Everest base camp, including the logistics, permits, weather, gear, costs, full itinerary and our tips and tricks after having done it in December. 

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31 Things You Absolutely Take for Granted Before Spending 6 Months Traveling Around the World

From the most random to the most obvious, these are the 30 things you’re probably taking for granted right now…and will learnt to appreciate very quickly if you decide to travel long-term like we did.

If you’ve been following Jeff and I for the last year you’ll know we quite our jobs in Dubai in June 2018 to travel the world and haven’t looked back!

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48 Hours in Bali: Surfing Beaches, Water Temples and Fire Dances

From high cliff beaches to Hindu sea temples, the Uluwatu region in South Bali has been one of our favourite discoveries of this year. Here’s our guide to 48 Hours in Bali.

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7 of the Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019 (UPDATED)

What are the best adventure travel destinations for 2019? Find out here!

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Episode 9: 48 Hours in Thailand

Whether you are a luxury traveler or a hippy backpacker, Thailand is no doubt on your travel bucket list - and for good reason.

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Episode 6: 48 Hours in India

India is a country that would take an entire lifetime to fully explore, so when we set our sights on just 48 hours in India, we knew it would be a challenge. However, knocking out the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra) in a weekend might just be possible.

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Episode 4: 48 hours in Nepal

We’re just back from our 48 hours in Nepal trip, and what a beautiful surprise! It was my first time ever while Jeff has been several times, and I absolutely fell in love with the colours, the smells, the people and even the incessant horn honking noises.

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Episode 3: 48 Hours in Tajikistan

Travel to Tajikistan probably isn’t your first choice when thinking about a weekend away from Dubai. My first reaction when we booked Tajikistan was… “what have we gotten ourselves into…?”

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6 Of The World's Best Airports

Flying always seems to stress people out, even before they get to the airport. The thought of waiting in long lines, the misery of going through security and the general awful experience of hectic travel - but not so fast.

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