The Best Oktoberfest in Dubai


The Best Oktoberfest in Dubai

We'll be honest here, Dubai isn't the first city we think of when we think of Oktoberfest, but hear us out.

Dubai does everything a little different, but when it comes to this classic German festival, there is nothing fake about Oktoberfest in Dubai.

Besides the Christmas Markets in Germany, Oktoberfest is our number one reason to visit Munich and is high on our bucket list, but guess what? We live nowhere close to Germany! Living in Dubai offers us a ton of interesting things to do, and while Dubai always has a unique take, different approach or downright insane way of doing things, we thank God the Grand Hyatt Dubai decided to not mess around when it comes to tradition.

The Best Oktoberfest in Dubai
The Best Oktoberfest in Dubai

Of course the Grand Hyatt isn't the only venue in Dubai offering a version of the popular festival, but trust us, it's the only one worth going to - and get this, it might happen more than once a year, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Oktoberfest is all about tradition. It comes down to 3 main things, the food, the music and of course the beer. Many people think of Dubai as a quite sheltered city, with strict laws on everything from clothing to how to act in public and especially alcohol laws. While everyone respects all the local laws, the best thing about Dubai is that as long as you are respectful, everyone can do their own thing.

And for us, this means pork, beer and dancing! Neither of us has even been able to be in Germany during Oktoberfest, but thanks to the Grand Hyatt, we have a pretty good feeling what its like to really be there. Not only do they have seemingly endless classic German beers on tap, including the world famous beer of Oktoberfest, Spaten, but they source and fly in ALL of their ingredients straight from Germany.

The Best Oktoberfest in Dubai
The Best Oktoberfest in Dubai

And once you have your delicious meat, pretzels and ice cold stein of beer, what else do you need? Music of course, and this is where they really nail it. Not only do they fly in an 11 piece band direct from Munich, but the band is "Die Kirchdorfer", possibly the most famous Oktoberfest band in the world, originally founded in 1870!

The band does an AMAZING job of getting the entire crowd exited, singing and chanting together and celebrating all that Oktoberfest stands for.

Not only did we feel like we were in Germany with 800 more friends, but we forgot we were in Dubai for the night, not something that happens every day.

The staff do an incredible job at making the huge tent feel exactly like you are high up in the alps, from the paintings on the walls, to the decorations and of course the hats!

And the best part? If you aren't in Dubai during the end of September don't worry because they offer an equally amazing Maifest! That's right, twice the fun, twice the laughter, every six months. But act quick, tickets sold out almost instantly this year - so fast in fact they had to add an extra day, which of course sold out as well.

We, for one, know exactly what we'll be doing next May, and again in September.