Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Royal, Copenhagen


Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Royal, Copenhagen

Scandinavia is home to some of the best cities on Earth, and Copenhagen might just be the best. And what is the most important thing about visiting a great city? Staying close to the action of course.

There is something about Copenhagen that is just in the air, and you'll notice it the second you arrive. It might be the crisp, cool Arctic air, it might be the hard working and active population biking and walking everywhere they go or maybe its the delicious healthy food, but whatever it is, it feels special.

We were lucky enough to visit Copenhagen in November, just in time for the amazing Christmas Markets, the best of which is easily Tivoli Gardens - one of the most magical places on Earth. We arrived just as the sun was setting - around 3pm - and couldn't believe our luck when the gorgeous Radisson Blu Royal, Copenhagen was mere steps from the Tivoli Gardens entrance.

Without skipping a beat the staff welcomed us in, room key in hand and checked us in within about 10 seconds, aware how excited we were to jump across the street to immerse ourselves in the magic.


As we do in every city, we get lost. And I don't just mean wander down a couple side streets, I mean full on, 10km walking a day, totally backwards and hopeless lost, and we love it and the Super Breakfast - the staple of every Radisson Blu - is what fuels us for these adventures.

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We explored every neighborhood imaginable in Copenhagen and often waited until the evening to eat after the healthy and immense start to our day. And we come home every night to a comfort and style that is so impossibly Scandinavian, a style and comfort known nowhere else in the world - and at no other hotel we've even stayed at.

So many hotels boost amazing locations which terrible views! How many times to we arrive into a world class city, check into a 5 star hotel and end up with a room which only gazes out on the brick wall 2 meters away. Ask for a corner room if you ever end up in Copenhagen and you will be blessed with the most amazing view of Tivoli Gardens you could ever imagine - a view which simply begs you to go explore.


From the Radisson Blu Royal we were able to not just explore downtown Copenhagen but also wandered the streets until we found the world famous Nyhavn, just as the sun was setting, the amazing Carlsberg Brewery and even Relea, one of the 2015 Top 50 Restaurants on Earth.

The Danish know how to do life a little better than the rest of us, this is no secret, and we are only thankful that this spills into the hospitality sector as well. Hotel chains rarely feel like home, but Radisson Blu has done something no other chain has managed to do, make us feel at home, well taken care of, special and most of all give us the feel of home when we round a corner after a long day of exploring and see the big blue letters that feel familiar, even in a city we have never been before.