Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Copenhagen


Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Copenhagen

If you've followed us along our travels this year you'll know how much we love Denmark - all of Scandinavia really. You'll also notice we have an affinity for Radisson Blu hotels.

Hotels are all the same right? They've got a bed, shower and those plastic cups in the bathroom. Wrong.

The Radisson Blu Scandinavia isn't just one of our favorites because it is in Denmark, although it does have that famous Danish style, but more so because it just feels like home.

We've come to know exactly what to expect in a Radisson Blu hotel and with all the traveling around we do, it is important to know that the hotel we stay at will feel like home.

Located walking distance from the metro - which comes straight from the airport - and just a short 10 minute stroll from Tivoli Gardens, the Radisson Blu Scandinavia was a perfect base to explore the city from.


Was it raining when we arrived? Sure, but that didn't stop us. Did it stop the hundreds of Danes riding their bikes to work either? Hell no. And that is part of what we loved about the location so much. Just enough outside of the city center to feel like we were a bit outside the tourist masses but close enough to dive right in.

The view from the hotel is stunning, looking over the river and all of the old part of the city, as much as we wanted to melt into the bed we had to go out and explore - and explore we did.

Walking on foot we toured Tivoli Gardens, which had all the Christmas Markets all set up, as well as Strøget, the world's longest pedestrian shopping street, world famous Nyhavn and the Carlsberg Brewery. Yea, it took all day and yes, it was worth it.

The best thing about Copenhagen is that it is a perfect walking city with so many different neighborhoods clustered close to each other, we were able to walk through so many in a single day. And there is nothing more important after a long day exploring than knowing you have the comforts of home to go back to.

Our only problem is that the beds are way too comfortable. So comfortable we always end up flipping over the mattress to find the brand name. So comfortable we end up sleeping in too long because its a better nights sleep than we get at home.


The rooms are comfortable, cozy and have everything you could want in a hotel room. The staff went overboard to make us comfortable and helped us get a few things we stupidly left at home (honestly, who leaves their computer charger at home?) and the best part - as is the case with every Radisson Blu - their "Super Breakfast". The super breakfast concept is pretty unique in the hotel industry and something Radisson Blu has mastered. No matter where we stay in the world, from India to Asia and Europe they offer an insane breakfast spread fit for a king with made to order coffee and a regional and international selection of foods - just what you need to start a day exploring.

Plus, want to save money while traveling? Eat a big breakfast and save yourself the 30 euros on lunch, thanks Radisson.

All of that and free, password free internet and you've got all you could ask for and more in a hotel.

Happy travels!