5 of the Worst Plane Travelers You Can Meet


5 of the Worst Plane Travelers You Can Meet

You know this feeling when you see an obviously annoying person walking in the plane aisle and you pray for him/her not to be seated next to you. Of course, it never works! And you end up being stuck next to that person for hours and wondered what you did to deserve such a fate.

DON’T be that person!

The Evil Twins Family

I know, you can’t control kids, babies suffer from altitude, they get bored… But parents, please don’t by dicks and pretend you don’t see them when they pull my hair while I sleep or climb on the seat and stare at me and if I’m lucky drool on my face. Fucking do something, thank you very much.

The Complaining One (bonus if he's French)

That person, preferably French, that just does not stop complaining throughout the whole flight. The food is not good enough (WHAT DO YOU EXPECT), his/her ears hurt, they forgot their sleeping pills or are not comfortably sitting. You know what, go to First Class or shut the fuck up.


The Jet Lagged One

I get it, you’re not tired. However, it’s 2am for me, I am exhausted and I would like to enjoy some awful plane sleep if you dont mind. STOP watching movies and stupidly giggling like the idiot you are and have some respect, DAMMIT. Be sure that I will be right there when you’ll end being tired, and I might play some songs out loud on my phone and even sing, why the fuck not.


The Sleepy One

If you plan on sleeping and you KNOW you will fall on me, please for the love of God bring a travel pillow, a scarf, anything you can lie your head on! Unless we are friends (and even that…) I am NOT your human pillow and I will deliberately move when you’re asleep so you wake up and stop drooling on my shoulder. NOT. OK.


The Drunk One

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against a couple drinks and communicating with people in the plane, you might even meet some amazing people and why not continue your travels together. BUT. One thing that is fucking annoying is the drunken dude that’s just pushing you to get shit faced and shared intimate details when all you want is being left alone. Fuck off my friend, and good luck with the airport hungover.


Anyone else I forgot? Share your worst experiences in a plane with us!

Safe travels people!