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Mount Everest Base Camp Hike 2019: 12 Days, 130km, 5,380m (Complete Guide)

Everest base camp in 12 days? challenge accepted!

Since we went to Nepal for the first time, Jeff, our friend Jess and I always dreamed of going back and doing the famous Everest base camp trek. We decided to do it at the end of Jeff and I’s 6 months around the world travels, to finish on the best note possible!

The three of us did this trek on our own, with decent physical condition and it was our decision to go without porters or guides, after a lot of research and preparation of our itinerary. It’s very important to be prepared and informed, and we do recommend a guide if you are going in the busy season (February through May). We went in late November-beginning of December, so we didn’t need to book any lodges ahead, and the trails were almost empty - however, it was cold! 

Here is everything you need to know about the trek to Everest base camp, including the logistics, permits, weather, gear, costs, full itinerary and our tips and tricks after having done it in December. 

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31 Things You Absolutely Take for Granted Before Spending 6 Months Traveling Around the World

From the most random to the most obvious, these are the 30 things you’re probably taking for granted right now…and will learnt to appreciate very quickly if you decide to travel long-term like we did.

If you’ve been following Jeff and I for the last year you’ll know we quite our jobs in Dubai in June 2018 to travel the world and haven’t looked back!

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24 Hours in Serbia: Belgrade Fortress, Skadarlija neighborhood and floating bars

From quirky coffee shops to the bohemian neighborhood Skadarlija, through the Belgrade fortress and Nikola Tesla Museum, here are a few things not to miss during 24 Hours in Serbia.

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48 Hours in Bali: Surfing Beaches, Water Temples and Fire Dances

From high cliff beaches to Hindu sea temples, the Uluwatu region in South Bali has been one of our favourite discoveries of this year. Here’s our guide to 48 Hours in Bali.

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5 Healthy Travel Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

Healthy Travel Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling - Staying active while traveling helps you enjoy the trip more, it can be cheaper to travel healthy and we find that being healthy and feeling good overall helps tremendously being productive while traveling long term.

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I Want to Travel Around the World: Getting Started

Are you sitting at work thinking about traveling around the world but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the first steps you should take before heading out to see the world.

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7 of the Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019 (UPDATED)

What are the best adventure travel destinations for 2019? Find out here!

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48 Hours in Sudan: Pyramids, Twirling Dervishes and UNESCO Temples

48 Hours in Sudan. A short flight away from Dubai, Sudan is home to many pyramids (more than Egypt!), welcoming people, unique traditions and unbelievable raw beauty.

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West Coast USA Road Trip: 7 States. 21 Days. 3,440 Km

For the first leg of our big #WDSRTW adventure, we started with a 3 week-long Epic USA West Coast road trip across 7 states and driving over 3,000 km.

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Cost of Living in Dubai: Housing, Transportation and Food (UPDATED FOR 2019)

If you plan to live and work in the UAE, one of your priorities will be to ask yourself what is the cost of living in Dubai and which salary you will have to earn to live well in Dubai.

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How We Traveled to 13 Countries in 1 year with Full-Time Jobs (and how you can do it too)

Looking back at the past year, I can’t believe we went to all the places we did while working full-time jobs in Dubai. Before you assume we're rich, lucky or insane, you've got to realize that Dubai is probably the single best city on Earth to travel from.

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Complete Guide to Drinking in Dubai (UPDATED FOR 2019)

As the most open minded of all Emirates in the UAE,  Dubai welcomes so many different cultures, religions and people that the Emirate learned to be a little bit softer than others.

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