4 Ways to Behave When You Visit Amsterdam


4 Ways to Behave When You Visit Amsterdam

There is two types of people in the world. Either you have been a tourist Amsterdam or you're day dreaming of it.

Well, let me tell you a couple things about how not to suck as a tourist in Amsterdam.

A little context here, I lived in Amsterdam for a year (as well as The Hague and Maastricht) and I learned a few things about the locals, the tourist and the local habits.

There you go, grab some popcorn and sit comfortably, I’m about to start bitching!

 1. Don’t assume you can smoke weed all the time and everywhere

But, weed is legal right? Well, first mistake. According to Forbes, “Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands. Possession of small amounts and retail sales are allowed, as practiced by the coffee shops. But cultivation and wholesale distribution remains a crime. ».

4 ways to not SUCK as a tourist in Amsterdam!
4 ways to not SUCK as a tourist in Amsterdam!

So to clarify, you can buy weed (less than 5g) in cerfitied coffee shops and smoke said weed in the shop or at home. You can certainely not smoke in the street or grow your own plantation and start the business you always wanted !

2. Don't think Holland is just about weed and mushrooms

The Netherlands is a beautiful country and there is way more to see than drugs and the Red Light District! The flowers, the cheeses (definitely conqueered my French side), the places in Amsterdam such as Museumplein or Leidseplein, the mills, the canals, the bicycles, amazing museums everywhere, and the people are awesome if you bother digging a bit. Rent a bike, explore, meet people and you’ll find more treasures than in the first coffee shop next to the train station !

4 ways to not SUCK as a tourist in Amsterdam!
4 ways to not SUCK as a tourist in Amsterdam!

3. Bike like a moron


Bikes are everywhere in Holland and in Amsterdam you’ll be surprised to barely see any cars!

Dutch people seem to be born on bikes. Seriously I’ve seen some biking, holding a phone in a hand, a cigarette in the other hand, having a baby in the front, another one in the back and holding the very much needed umbrella ! I’m almost not exagerating. So as much fun as biking in Amsterdam is, dont be super slow and make way for the other cyclist and you’ll be just fine.

4. Trashy hostels

Amsterdam, being a destination of choice for backpackers and travellers of all sorts, could be a tempting place to get hammered every night and trash the place you're staying in. After all, you’ll be gone in the morning right? Of course that is not just valid for Amsterdam, but please dont contribute to the stupid and irrespectful tourist in Amsterdam image and make sure you take care of the place you staying at. I mean, there is only one hostel that is reputed for being awful and dirty… Have you heard about the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, advertising itself as "Worst hostel in the world"? Have a look at their ads, you wont be disappointed !

To sum up, dont suck as a tourist in Amsterdam, just respect a few basic courtesy rules and have a great time in this gorgeous city!