The 7 Best YouTube Travel Channels You Need To Follow in 2019


The 7 Best YouTube Travel Channels You Need To Follow in 2019

These days every person on Earth has a blog, and about 90% of these seem to be travel blogs huh? While we aren't ones to talk, we tend to prefer watching a video over reading an article (I mean what is this 1965, get with it!).

But with nearly just as many YouTube Travel channels to follow as well, we wanted to sort out the newsworthy from the nonsense, the cream of the crop from the crap.

Yes some of these are our friends and yes we threw ourselves on the list but the most important thing about travel videos is their ability to inspire you to see the world, and we think these videos and travel bloggers will inspire you to do just that.

So sit back, relax, grab that credit card and be prepared to book yourself a ticket to get out and see this big ole' world after watching some of these awesome YouTube travel channels.

Fly with Haifa

I have a confession to make here, and don't tell Anne - I am in LOVE with Haifa! She is not only strong, funny and relatable, but she is downright addicting to watch.

If you think all YouTube travel channels are the same, think again. Haifa is the most unique combo you're going to get. Not only is she a solo female travel blogger, but she is a Muslim AND wears the hijab. How's that for busting stereotypes?

Trust us, you'll love her too.

Captain and Clark

These two have downright infectious personalities. From the second you start watching their channel intro you're hooked, and for good reason. The epitome of a traveling couple, they bounce around the globe highlighting the best, worst, funniest and emotional moments from their journeys.

If you want a great laugh, we love their "Alco-HAUL" series, trust us it is a must watch, we're just mad we didn't think of it earlier.

AND they've got a baby on the way - think of how cool that kid is going to be - congrats!


If you are looking for another solo female traveler to fall in love with Alana will take your breath away. Quirky is an understatement and if you watch her videos you'll instantly understand why.

I never though watching someone eat mash potatoes or roam the isles of a grocery store could be entertaining, but she somehow does it.

She isn't on drugs, trust us, she is just THAT excited to be alive.

Goats on the Road

Nick and Dariece take their travel seriously! I first came across their videos while living in Thailand and hated them because they looked like they were having more fun than me, which I didn't think was possible!

They roam the world and film every bit of it. If you really want an insight into the everyday life of two full time digital nomads, look no further.


Derek had a mid life crisis at 25, and thank God he did because he has provided us with some of the funnest travel videos to watch.

I've been wanting to do the Rickshaw Run in India for years now and I can't imagine having a more epic time than he and his mates did when he attempted the challenge last year. Check out his videos and you'll be dreaming big.

The Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is one of the most well respected travel bloggers around, and for good reason, but he has done what many others in his class have not - embraced video to a kick ass degree.

"Epic" doesn't even do his videos justice. If you want to be both inspired to travel the world and blown away by what is out there, look no further than his channel. You'll also get some amazing ideas on how to up the quality of your own videos as he gets super creative in his content.

What Doesn't Suck?

Oh hey, how did we get on here? Yes, we think our travel videos are pretty fun. We don't take life too seriously and while we love to show off new places and experiences, we tend to think we do it in a pretty fun and honest way.

Ask us anything, we'll always be open to answering it!