[VIDEO] #AskWDS: "Is Dubai Safe?"


#AskWDS: "Is Dubai Safe?"

One of the questions that we at #ASKWDS are asked frequently is "Is Dubai safe?" particularly for women. Our experience of the city is a resounding yes.

Even if we leave our wallet or mobile phone by the pool while we take a dip, your precious belongings will still be there when you get back. Sometimes you might decide to take a walk after your swim, or go for a spot of lunch but you can guarantee that if you leave your phone or bag, it will still be there when you get back.

The same applies to your home, we often go out for the night and don’t lock our front door, and nothing is ever stolen, in fact the emirate is so renowned for being safe that we rarely even bother to lock our door, as we feel so secure. Part of this can be attributed to the Sharia law practiced here, whereby someone convicted of theft can lose a limb if caught and convicted, there are also a high number of visible security personnel within the emirate which works as a deterrent to crime, and the bulk of the population are made up of expats and immigrant workers, who would be deported immediately if convicted of a crime, so this plays a part too.

Dubai is a safe place for women, as apart from being started at in the streets, it is unlikely that anyone will actually go as far as to touch inappropriately. There is also a great local transportation system with plenty of regulated taxi services, ensuring that if you are coming back from a late night party or concert, you can easily get a taxi to get you home safe and sound. Dubai people in the main are polite and respectful so in our experience, so to the question "Is Dubai safe", we say Dubai is one of the safest places in the world.