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Cost of Living in Dubai: Housing, Transportation and Food (UPDATED FOR 2019)

If you plan to live and work in the UAE, one of your priorities will be to ask yourself what is the cost of living in Dubai and which salary you will have to earn to live well in Dubai.

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[VIDEO] The 5 Best Weekend Road Trips from Dubai

One of the main advantages of living in Dubai is the proximity to so many amazing countries. India, Africa, Europe and Asia are all just a short flight away. But what about all the amazing places just a couple hours drive away? 

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[WATCH] 8 Water Sports in Dubai you Have to Try this Winter

Because we all enjoy winter way more than summer in the UAE, we all look forward to October – November, when the weather cools down and the water sports in Dubai season begins again!

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17 Hilarious Questions People Ask About Dubai & the UAE

Following my recent article about the Dubai cliches too many people still believe, I had a lot of hilarious feedback from the Dubai French community on Facebook, quoting questions they have been asked by people back home.

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6 Biggest Dubai Cliches Too Many People Still Believe

From a small village living off the pearl industry, to what is now home to over 200 Guinness World Records, Dubai has evolved in an impressive and truly unique way over the 44 years of its existence.

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Top 10 Hidden Gems in Dubai!

Dubai. The United Arab Emirates. A city in constant evolution in a somehow very young country. A city based on tourim and associatetd with luxury, superlatives and fakeness all around.


But Dubai isn’t all shiny and expensive cars !

There’s the Dubai well known for tourists, including the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, the brunches, the dancing fountains or the indoor ski station. And there’s the other Dubai.

Let’s discover some hidden gems in the UAE.

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